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with our unique Personal Training Studio, our fitness proposition centres around reformer Pilates with small class numbers, great instructors on machines imported from California. We run a variety of other classes from our very own group Fitness Class, Kickboxing class, Flexibility Clinics and Dance Classes not to mention one to one Personal Training with our highly qualified trainers.

Our Studio

Pulse Pilates and Fitness is a boutique studio offering high trainer to student ratio classes designed around individual fitness needs. The studio is a dynamic and friendly environment where people can get fit, have fun and try something new. So come and train on our state of the art reformer Pilates machines and see what the hype is about!



The reformer machine uses a series of springs and pulleys to create a dynamic full body workout. Based on key Pilates concepts it establishes torso stability and postural alignment, creating long lean muscle tone. Focused core engagement promotes the client’s body awareness, improving both general and sports specific ability and injury avoidance.


Book the studio and your choice of trainer for an hour long one to one session. Designed around you and your training requirements. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Our booking system is pretty easy to use, but if you get stuck just give us a call


Our Awesome Team.

All of our trainers are certified in their field and teach different classes. You can book personal training sessions with them too!

Jess - Pilates Instructor Ipswich


In 2013 Jessica returned to Ipswich and opened the first reformer Pilates studio of its type in Suffolk. Expect a twist on traditional Pilates, encorperating a light cardiovascular element to maximise your results. Her classes are fun and dynamic with an upbeat tempo to keep you on your toes!

Asimina - Pilates Instructor Ipswich


Asimina is a highly qualified Pilates instructor bringing her international experience to Pulse. Expect a traditional style on the Allegro Reformer Machine with a hands on approach. Her ever watchful eye will ensure that you feel the pinch from every technique.

Sam - Pilates Instructor Ipswich


Sam is a highly experienced Pilates Instructor. Expect a contemporary approach to traditional Pilates exercises developed to achieve a fit, strong and toned body with focus on torso stability. Sam is inspired by his interaction with clients and he is always keen to realise the potential in others.

Emma - Pilates Instructor Ipswich


Emma is an experienced gym instructor and personal trainer. She spends most of her time training new personal trainers and gym instructors. When she is not bringing on the next generation of fitness professionals you can find her combining her PT background with the best techniques from Reformer Pilates to give you a fast paced workout like no other in Ipswich.

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